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"Take a nice deep breath.. In & Out!
It's time for you to feel at peace!"




A Divine Journey… for both your “other-than-conscious connection with your mind, body & spirit” and your physical health & wellbeing. This is practical spirituality that is good for your heart & brain! You are a miracle and we want you to feel that in every cell; rejoicing in being alive and confident about a brighter future full-filling your destiny, being on purpose & with your dreams, hopes, wishes & goals becoming realities.


You’ll discover this is not your average massage clinic, or retreat centre, or day spa! 


We graciously mix & merge positive exercises and interventions based upon a co-mingling of Eastern & Western health philosophies & practices.


We stir together water therapy, botanicals, raw foods, breath work, psychology, neuroscience, sports therapy, energy healing, mystical arts and the power of nature for you, to create an exquisite array of experiences.


Ranging from just one Lithos Massage treatment or a simple series of coaching & energy healing sessions to a complete immersive retreat we have a special opportunity for you. 

Take precious time & savour a spectacular and spacious environment with pure, clean air & water to ground yourself… 


We promise you’ll feel more connected to your heart, with your muscles melting and your mind relaxed.


This is your personal chance for a mindful moment - allow yourself to surrender to revitalising, refreshing, releasing, restoring and returning to life uplifted. 

Our intention is to care for you, inspire you, provide some profound new information that may positively change your life forever and support you in making subtle shifts to your lifestyle so that you can better.

As we're sure you understand, giving yourself "oxygen" first (as in the airplane mask analogy) - will put you in a much better position for being the best role model possible for your family, friends, and colleagues. We believe it is easier to take care of others, and pursue your passion projects, WHEN you are able to put yourself first for a little while, looking after NUMBER ONE. 


You are worthy of being pampered and allowing yourself the head space to learn new principles, strategies, and rituals in our cocoon of care.


Noosa Retreats

Noosa is Australia’s playground for the “Rich & Famous Consciousness Class


It’s an environmental masterpiece that is coveted as the vacation destination for the Successful-Serenity-Seekers... An enclave for those who appreciate being on the Exclusive List. There are award winning restaurants and delightfully-celebrated bars!”

Calm Sea
Bali Retreats

It's a playful, positive, profound and thought-provoking experience in paradise with KIM SERAFINI!


This is an exclusive opportunity. It’s is rare for Kim’s international, corporate schedule to allow her to host more than a few private groups per year at Serafini Mind Spa in Bali. Be sure to connect with us quickly if you would like to be one of a special few. Time is of the essence here - the luxury of precious time with Kim.

"Noosa & the surrounding countryside is Australia's
finest space for the Magic & Magnificence of
"Powerful, Soulful Healing" 

Those of us who anchor ourselves here keep it a secret that we share with a precious few. It’s a special jewel in the globe’s matrix & vortex that allows for Divine Downloads. Spiritual Masters pilgrimage here to soak in the frequency. The ambience is extraordinary and it facilitates our miraculous transformational work. There’s a magic in the air.  Exceptional healers who can harness the potency of “unseen powers" for your benefit are here to serve you. 

Serafini Mind Spa Wallaby
Serafini Mind Spa
Serafini Mind Spa in Noosa
Serafini Mind Spa Koala
Serafini Mind Spa citrus
Serafini Mind Spa peaceful pond
Serafini Mind Spa nature
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa Beach
Serafini Mind Spa Sunset in Noosa

Retreat Program Overview

​Our personalised program will leave you feeling:

  • simply the best; aligned with your authentic, natural, divine self

  • your spirit soaring; your heart-felt desires starting to manifest magically

  • balanced - both serene and excited about your future

  • confident about embracing the new you - as a manifesting magnet.

Enjoy sumptuous surroundings, special service, exceptional coaching experiences, heart-opening spiritual sessions, and a range of activities so that you can indulge in the best of what Serafini Mind Spa offers to discerning adventurers. You will find the perfect balance between organised activities and free-form periods of time.


sms watermarked 6-min.jpg

Serafini Mind Spa Gallery

Serafini Mind Spa Noosa Beach
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa
Relaxing By The Pool
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa Nature
Enjoying Nature in Noosa
Noosa Forest
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa Flowers
Koals in Serafini Mind Spa
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa Sanctuary
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa Nautilus
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa Deck
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa Beachside
Relaxing Day At The Beach
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa The Nautilus
Sunset In Noosa
Hiking in Noosa
Beautiful Noosa Sanctuary
Sunset in Noosa
Sunset in Noosa
Enjoying Nature in Noosa

An exquisite experience with Kim at “Nautilus”
For only $1,250 per night

Rapid Relief ($1,550)

Would you like to visit the stunning Noosa area with your Friends or Family, and yet escape for a couple of hours on your own, dedicated to your glorious self-care?


For only $350, enjoy a relaxing indulgence on a day in Noosa, where your family members are enjoying themselves with other activities whilst you are nourished with a a scrumptious lunch, a live & in-person, one-on-one coaching/healing experience, a mindful

exercise then pure bliss for a deluxe Lithos Therapy full-body massage treatment.
For your questions and concerns, please contact us privately at

Here at Serafini Mind Spa...

We focus on grounding exercises

Serafini mind spa collage.png
An exquisite Lithos Therapy Massage with one of Kim's qualified Remedial Therapists AND Kim's LIVE energy healing during the relaxing massage.
Lithos Therapy With Kim
1 hr

You Deserve Time For Yourself!
Reflect- Recharge- Rejuvenate- Refresh - Relax



"I am so happy I made the decision to work with Kim. I look forward to our weekly coaching sessions. Our last session together was amazing.  I felt surrounded by love and appreciation, in a way that I’ve never felt before.  Kim listens to me and is able to see the brilliance within me, that I sometimes overlook.  She gives me clear

guidance to help me expand, move beyond old limitations,  and out of my comfort zone.  This is exactly what I needed! Thank you Kim!"

pam malow - isham

"Kim has such a warm, welcoming, and generous heart that loves to  help others succeed. Being a coach, I know the value of coaching, and I appreciate her authenticity and wisdom. She is very intuitive and has challenged me with great questions and suggestions. I have launched my speaking career after her coaching and am working on new products. I am very thankful for this phenomenal opportunity to be working with

Kim Serafini. It has benefited me tremendously."

KIm given

"I wholeheartedly recommend that you attend one of these retreats. I feel it was life changing for me, not in an explosive on-the-spot way, but in a more moderate and subtle way. I’m not in as much of a rush to achieve and I am more content knowing that the Universe is providing me with exactly what is right and good for me, with lots more to

come – all in good time."


"Why did I want to spend a week with Kim Serafini? I wanted to be in her presence and learn who and how she was BEING to create such a wonderful life for herself. I wanted to move forward and create a more ENRICHING life for my beautiful son, my family, friends, clients and ultimately for myself.

Deep in my heart I just KNEW my retreat was what I needed to move forward in my world at this time."

Sydney, Australia


“Kim, who began as my mentor and coach has merged in to my life as insightful, powerful healer and very dear friend.

She is the one who called me out more than once to face my own fears and limitations. Kim has been a catalyst for me to stretch, take more action and feel more deeply and challenge my self to find the life I really want to live ,,, and start living it”

Katelyn Olivia

“You can listen to an audiobook about the book “The secret” a dozen times, or read it. If you are in a dark place, or in general cannot get yourself “unstuck” Kim is that push you need to make the serious changes. Kim has helped me look

at the dark corners in my life and made me realize that all along, there was a string to a bright light that has been waiting and beckoning for me to be pulled.



"I have known Kim for over 4 years. I find her a very loving and supportive lady who has an abundance of talents and skills. She can help you move mountains. Very willing to share her knowledge, wisdom and good old common sense, she lifts your spirit. Kim has a highly intuitive guidance system that she tunes

into and her inner knowing is shared generously. I love being in her energy for she makes you feel wonderful. Whether it is

in person or online, or via the telephone. I highly recommended anyone who wants change in their life to contact Kim for that help. She can and she will. "


“My name is Dr. Aimee Sanchez. I have worked with Kim as my coach for the last 2 months. She is amazing and has a huge heart. She has mentored me in a way that has changed my life. Although I am a successful professional and best selling author I struggled with limiting beliefs that have held me back. With Kim’s advice, healing exercises, and Positive Prime Sessions I have been able to move forward boldly."


“At first I thought of Kim as a self-help guru. The more due diligence I did, the more it became manifest she is a deep, multi-faceted healer and businesswoman whose fascination for learning and growth have taken her across many

intellectual, spiritual and geographical boundaries. One of her endeavors, Mind PT, has captured the essence of neuro plasticity and brain entrainment and created a truly viable

method of changing limiting beliefs.  In getting unstuck from a series of negative life-altering events, I feel so very fortunate to have her guidance and empathic abilities as I find my path

back to my true potential. I am profoundly grateful to have her in my life and look forward to working with her… 

Joe Mitchell

“My first experience with Kim was great. She is a kind, compassionate and caring person deeply in touch with her intuition. At the same time, she was totally willing to challenge me and be honest about her feelings. Our session challenged

me to look at my self and my mission as far bigger than how I was holding it. Kim gave me a great idea about writing a book. Looking back it seems like her idea was divinely inspired. In the next few days afterward, all sorts of ideas came to me and now the book seems to be writing itself! I 

look forward to working with Kim in the future".


Tamara Lee Dorris

“Kim has so many positive attributes it's hard to narrow it down, but I'll do my best. Being science-minded, she never disappoints in her vast knowledge into the neuroscience and 
biology that is so pertinent to health and behaviour. She also taps into a deeper, more spiritual aspect of success, 
which I have found very helpful in our time working together. Kim truly cares about her clients and coaches from a place of gratitude, compassion, and selflessness. If you're looking 
for a mentor, I highly and happily recommend Kim!

Thomas Hildreth


“I started working with Kim Serafini earlier this year and have found it to be very powerful, meaningful and empowering. A real  journey tapping into my own understanding and grasp of source energy and the limitless possibility that provides. She has given me guidance, tools and perspective on how to realize my full potential in a way that I find very natural,  enjoyable and satisfying. It makes perfect sense to me and I’ve started to feel very acutely aware that I’m just getting started with Kim’s compassionate and insightful guidance. I’m really looking forward to my new adventures in life's journey for personal fulfillment and especially to realize my highest potential creatively and professionally; and if I may… greatness.”


Troy Haines

“I had the pleasure of having Kim present at a recent Transformative Technology event we hosted on the Gold Coast. As a speaker Kim holds space for the room like a super star. Her ability to have the audience hanging off her every word whilst shifting the audience with the depth of her knowledge and experience in the mental health, well being and human thriving space, leaves a lasting impression on the audience. If you are looking for a speaker to positively impact on your audience, then I encourage you to reach out to Kim!”


Easy Payment Plans

** Please note, we are hoping to help you organise the possibilities and potentials... so we do have a payment plan of smaller amounts in instalments. Naturally, this means that the addition of each component will add up to more than the Regular Price. However, for some of our special guests this is necessary to help manage our expenditure and plans. An interview is required for approval. A Deposit must be paid before an arrangement is created. 
Please contact us privately at

Hold mYPlace

Deposit for Serafini MindSPA

Retreat in Australia
Deposit is Non Refundable but Transferable

Personal Invitation from Kim

Most people who know me have observed my journey over 20+ years in "personal development", The Spa Industry as a Sports Therapist, Positive Psychology, the Human Potential Movement, Neuroscience... They know about the retreats I've run in Bali... Most have even read my best-selling book: "i am gr8ful for life".

So, those who know me well. They know I've got grit & I'm resilient. I believe it's because I "retreat"... I go within - in nature, where there's SILENCE... no distractions & I connect deeply to the energy around and my soul & I give myself, my mind and my spirit a chance to SOAR. I metaphorically spread my wings and allow myself to FLY.

I've trained so many exceptional therapists all over the world. Now I'm "home" and welcoming you with warm, open arms. - By the way, I still train & certify all over the world... so I can offer these opportunities to visit us on the Sunshine Coast only at certain times of the year. So, here's our invitation

Decide & commit to proving to yourself that YOU MATTER. You're worthy. You're deserving. You're important. You're allowed. You owe it to yourself. Rest. Revitalize. Reinvigorate.

Looking forward to seeing you and hugging you in person!

Leading Expert

Kim Serafini is a leading advisor on the practical applications of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology at work. A recognised thought leader in her field, Kim is the mindset expert in various conferences and seminars.

Global Consultant

Top organisations work with Kim to cultivate positive workplaces, emotionally intelligent leaders and high performing teams. Her programs are uniquely customised to fit the company, industry and market trends. This ensures an immediate impact to the audience and a high reutrn on investment for her clients.

Empowering Speaker

Kim Serafini turns science into simple and practical tools anyone can use, inspiring individuals, organisations and teams to be the best they can be. She has mastered the art of transferring energy to empower people.

Master Trainer

Kim trains coaches, consultants, HR professionals and business leaders in emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience tools.

Kim has trained with and been coached by many of today's Top Transformational Leaders.

Jack Canfield and Kim
Kristine Carlson and Kim
Paul Scheele and Kim

Our Spa Retreat is UNIQUE, exceptional, WORLD-CLASS 

If you would like to visit us in person please phone us for a quick consultation so that we can organise the appropriate appointment for you. We prefer discussing your desires in advance. We custom-create programs and we also tailor each treatment so that the path is just right.

Get in Touch

P.O box 151, Cooroy, Queensland, Australia  Tel. 0404 878 457

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