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Retreat with Kim Serafini 

exclusively, in partnership with Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort 



Release. Repair. Recharge. Reflect. Refresh.

Renew. Rejuvenate. Restore. Revitalise. Reinvent.

You'll discover: Nourishment. Connection.

Peacefulness. Privacy. Spaciousness. Kindness. Inspiration. Transformation. Relaxation.

Program inclusions designed to deeply relax you, help your body & brain to heal, support your immune system, make you fitter & generate enduring happiness. This immersive experience caters to those who want to reconnect to &/or re-define their life’s purpose & create healthier strategies to achieve more with ease, grace, speed & joy; whilst ensuring the journey is profoundly meaningful & completely satisfying.

We believe this is the best value, personalised retreat available in Australasia.

Most people who know me have observed my journey over 20+ years in "personal development", The Spa Industry as a Sports Therapist, Positive Psychology, the Human Potential Movement, Neuroscience... They know about the retreats I've run in Bali... Most have even read my best-selling book: "i am gr8ful for life".

So, those who know me well. They know I've got grit & I'm resilient. I believe it's because I "retreat"... I go within - in nature, where there's SILENCE... no distractions & I connect deeply to the energy around and my soul & I give myself, my mind and my spirit a chance to SOAR. I metaphorically spread my wings and allow myself to FLY.

I've trained so many exceptional therapists all over the world. Now I'm "home" and welcoming you with warm, open arms. - By the way, I still train & certify all over the world... so I can offer these opportunities to visit us on the Sunshine Coast only at certain times of the year. So, here's our invitation

Decide & commit to proving to yourself that YOU MATTER. You're worthy. You're deserving. You're important. You're allowed. You owe it to yourself. Rest. Revitalize. Reinvigorate.

Looking forward to seeing you and hugging you in person!

Spa(Aqua Therapy)

Serafini Mind Spa offer relaxing and therapeutic options for your pleasure and good health.

Inspired by ancient Roman and Greek traditions and based on European aqua therapy experiences, The Spa provides facilities and treatments to relax the senses and nurture the body, mind and spirit.


Enjoy Tee time at one of the
golf course in Australia

Designed by well-known golf course architect Graham Papworth, Noosa Springs is a challenging and inspiring test of golf. The course is crafted out of native rainforest and woodland. Each hole has its own personality and style, and is maintained in immaculate condition. Because of our wonderful climate, the course is playable all year round.

Golf Course
The House Kitchen

Noosa is Australia’s playground for the “Rich & Famous Consciousness Class


It’s an environmental masterpiece that is coveted as the vacation destination for the Successful-Serenity-Seekers... An enclave for those who appreciate being on the Exclusive List. There are award winning restaurants and delightfully-celebrated bars!”


With more than a dozen beaches, bays and hidden coves, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to putting your toes in the sand in Noosa. 


This favourite beach holiday hot spot has some of the best beaches in the country (if not the world).  From secluded bays, protected headlands, crystal clear open beaches and rock pools to explore.

Noosa Beach
Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor
Fitness & Movement

Our Fitness Centre is the finest in Noosa

We offer a full range of cardio and resistance equipment, backed up by the advice, guidance and support of an international team of fitness experts. You’re welcome to join a fitness class or swim in our heated pool. Become a member and join our fitness family.

Serafini Mind Spa wallaby
Serafini Mind Spa
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa flowers
Serafini Mind Spa Koala
Serafini Mind Spa Citrus
Serafini Mind Spa peaceful pond
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa Nature
Serafini Mind Spa Mountain
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa beach
Serafini Mind Spa Sunset in Noosa

The perfect space to align yourself with your true nature...

Allow yourself time in these magical gardens for grace & gratitude!

Noosa’s Hinterland is Australia’s finest space for the
Magic and Magnificence of "Powerful Energy Work"


happy 1-min.png

Terrific Transformation


The Relief


The Refueling


Sparkle & shine again through the clearing & cleansing activities 

The opportunity to finally feel SAFE to be the unique & miraculous person they are

feel safe-min.png

Escape the everyday...


Give yourself the gift of  reflection...

“We'll be casual & down-to-earth together.”

Show your body respect... enjoy delicious & nutritious meals... that are wholesome, with awesome people who are gathering together to uplift each other.

You're in for a wonderful time...

Walk along our magnificent beaches and meditate together with sunrise.

Hike through our fabulous Aussie eucalyptus bush to reconnect with Mother Earth & GROUND yourself.

Join us for our daily exercise - it could be water aerobics or something more gentle.

Focus on your dreams, goals, aspirations...


Focus on your dreams, goals, aspirations...

Reward yourself.

Invest in yourself.

Celebrate your successes.

Remember who you REALLY are.

This is an authentic experience... signature genuine & sincere approaches abound.

We are all about "real"...

Melt as your massaged - with my famous Lithos Therapy heated & chilled rock instruments by an earth-angel I've personally trained & qualified.

Daily programs deliver an intimate & luxurious experience.

We'll also do some exercises that have been researched extensively & WORK... and encourage you to understand your strengths & leverage them in the real world & back at work and home.


We can "tailor" specific lessons more towards science or spirituality depending upon YOUR interests, your needs, your comfort & your inquisitiveness.


All esoteric exercises are optional. If you'd prefer to have an afternoon nap and skip a workshop you're more than welcome.


Serafini Mind Spa Gallery

Serafini Mind Spa Noosa Beach
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa
Relaxing By The Pool
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa Nature
Enjoying Nature in Noosa
Noosa Forest
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa Flowers
Koala in Serafini Mind Spa
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa Sanctuary
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa Nautilus
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa Deck
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa Beachside
Relaxing Day At The beach
Serafini Mind Spa Noosa The Nautilus
Sunset In Noosa
Hiking in Noosa
Beautiful Noosa Sanctuary
Sunset in Noosa
Sunset in Noosa
Enjoying Nature in Noosa

Nurturing & Nourishing in Nautilus



Release. Repair. Recharge. Reflect. Refresh.
Renew. Rejuvenate. Restore. Revitalise. Reinvent.


You'll discover: Nourishment. Connection.

Peacefulness. Privacy. Spaciousness. Kindness. Inspiration. Transformation. Relaxation.

Nautlius - from East-min.jpg
Serafini mind spa nautilius.jpg

We are granted special rights to access Nautilus Estate. It is 30+ acres of pristine Australian botanical gardens & bushland with exquisite views of the Pacific Ocean and Noosa. This precious piece of land adjoins THOUSANDS of hectares of National Park with MILLIONS of trees... and you will be able to see all the way to the back of Fraser Island... It's probable you will also get a chance to observe the resident koalas and shy wallabies. They're private little furry friends - so it's not guaranteed, but it's likely!

Our space is sacred. For those who know about the Nautilus shell & its relevance & reverence you'll be excited.

If you understand the remarkable Fibonacci Sequence you will understand why this "home" is magical. The architecture adheres PERFECTLY... Find yourself inside a very unique & distinguished environment. It's seriously advantageous for those mindful moments of manifestation that we have here.


As you gaze out you'll be captivated by majestic scenery & views into the vastness... The bright stars grace us in the evenings... There are NO major cities nearby! And the lights of Noosa twinkle in the distance like a fairy lights on a Christmas tree.

Nautilus with Mt Tinbeerwah-min.jpg

(Including Mentoring, Activities, Treatments, Private & Luxurious Accommodation, Delicious Meals & Refreshments) 

(Including Mentoring, Activities, Treatments, Private & Luxurious Accommodation, Delicious Meals & Refreshments)

An exquisite experience with Kim at “Nautilus”
For only $1,250 per night

Retreat for 5 days in the internationally protected Noosa Biosphere Reserve - Connect more deeply to your inner-self in this pristine


3 Hours Intensive & Transformative Coaching with Kim

Little Luxuries: gift bag of goodies

4 nights' accommodation in an air-conditioned, private oasis with beautiful ensuite bathroom

Arriving on Monday morning. The program begins at 9 am. *

Leaving on Friday after lunch. Program ends at 1pm.

(self-service laundry available)

Delicious & nutritious meals and healthy beverages (please note: alcoholic beverages are not included)

A beautiful blend of intimate, small-group classes, activities, exercises, conversations and one-on-one sessions to inspire you. Each aspect will be cumulative & provide a deeper understanding of the recipe for feeling fantastic: