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Celebrating & Loving It All:  Flourishing & Thriving
Being Well 
Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Environmentally & Socially

Healthy brains & bodies. Healthy relationships. Healthy home & community

We invite you to venture within if any of this appeals..

Yoga Pose

Vibrant health

Female Developers

Deeply meaningful work that feels uplifting & like you’re living your true purpose

Senior couple hugging

Soul-satisfying, richly-rewarding relationships

Hammock Relaxing

Exploring the world, travelling in style

Holding Hands

Helping & supporting others generously

Wine & Painting Night

Expressing yourself creatively & producing masterpieces

We have amazing retreats available on a regular basis at the beautiful Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort…


AND, yet, we know in our hearts & for a fact that 99% of those of you who REALLY would want to “retreat” with me… can’t. 1000 reasons… Budgets. Time. Fear of International Travel. Disbelief that change is actually possible. Denial that change is actually necessary… and so on & so. So, let’s do a retreat - virtually !!

So, let’s do a retreat - virtually !!


YES, this is going to be a REAL RETREAT - run like a LIVE retreat… except we’ll be doing it together ONLINE!

Not in the same physical place… but the same “energetic space”… We will be doing it all the same time!!

AND, it’s going to be a part of our Celebrating & Loving Life - ALL OF IT.

AND, we’re going to invite our family members to join us too - if they’d like to be our accountability & co-leads for creating & enjoying a FABULOUS, FIT, FORTUNATE, FUN life.

If you’d like 2021 to be COMPLETELY & ASTONISHING
UPGRADED… from 2020-
then NOW is the time to really consider this!

See What You Will Get From this fabulous offer

Part 1: Online Retreat Program (Valued at $497)

If a genuine, sincere & real feeling of peace is what you need… If you really are STRESSED, this is a MUST.


Our educational classes are available 24/7 as video… 

We are going to cover the following topics:

Program Details

Class 1: Feeling & Thoughts

Learn about how our emotions and our attitudes impact our bodies' abilities to heal, repair & generate energy. Our mindsets create chemical cocktails in our bodies and we can control whether that's empowering or not.


We'll cover some interesting studies & strategies relating to:



Pro-Social Behaviour

Emotional Contagion


Learning & Memories

Class 2: Hydration & Sleep

Learn about the dangerous differences in types of water and other ways to ensure our brains are bodies are well hydrated.

Learn about the most important ways to promote restorative sleep. 

Class 3: Nutrition & Exercise

We will examine physical movement and foods that are nutrient-dense and help us to create beneficial hormones, battle insulin resistance & reduce the harmful effects of the inflammatory processes that wreak havoc in our brains & bodies.

Class 4: Supportive Lifestyle 

Allied, Complimentary & Alternative Philosophies,  Approaches & Activities

There are so many supportive lifestyle habits we can integrate into our wonderful life. We will explore aromatherapy, spa treatments, and retreat activities.

Class 5: RAK & Other tools

RAKs, Vision Boards & Gratitude Journals

We will discuss the importance of vision boards and keeping a gratitude journal. Learn how performing RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) helps our society become more healthy and joyful.

More than 100 hours of resources to transform you into MASTERY when it comes to improving your knowledge of Positive Psychology & Neuroscience.

This online retreat will give you sustainable "peace of mind".
The "program" will guide you through what to "do at home & on the road" to create the Spa experience within your own environment... 




Mature Couple Showing Affection
Happy Family



Outdoor Aerobics

Part 2: Positive Prime Signature Program 
(Valued at $199 per year )

You are indeed much more powerful; certainly mentally powerful, than most people “appreciate”… It’s a power that needs to be cultivated!

Positive Prime is a truly remarkable experience that helps you to access & harness that power - for YOUR good & for the benefit of others - as you emerge & blossom into your best & highest self.

What is Positive Prime?

Positive Prime is a massively successful, neuroscientific & positive psychology, tech tool & platform for accelerated learning and powerful changes in attitudes, skills & habits at the autonomic level.


Anyone “uses it” — and “does” a uniquely styled therapeutic treatment watching what’s called a Session.

A Session requires viewing a very sophisticated, randomised slide show whilst being emotionally engaged.

The flow is at speeds that make "absorbing" unconscious (not subliminal).

Radical results are much more easily & naturally achieved.

As a platform, it presents 100s of Sessions - each one like summary course of phenomenal educational & inspirational content by by world-class speakers, authors, healers & trainers.

As a platform, it presents 100s of Sessions - each one like summary course of phenomenal educational & inspirational content by by world-class speakers, authors, healers & trainers.

As a software, enabling & facilitating positive transformations in people the most important feature is offered to subscribed members.

The special extra functionality allows members to personalise each Session making it more effective. Personalising requires uploading private photos of yourself, your loved ones, what you’re grateful for, what motivates you and what you’re aspiring towards.

There are a few other aspects to the secret sauce not the least of which is an incredible, international community of supportive, certified & authorised Professional Practitioners guiding thousands of subscribed members & leveraging this tool in their own leading, healing & teaching.

What is truly valuable is the way the slide show reshuffles with every subsequent viewing and that gives rise to making the effort to learn, improve, grow & perform possible; and as an added bonus it’s swift, natural & enduring.

Neuroplasticity is at play here.

Positive Priming promises to make us all brighter. Helping each one of us become healthier, happier & smarter globally 24/7.

Enticing & beneficial range of Sessions
high calibre contributors

Receive credits to acquire 2 Session per month to build your library of amazing, world-class content. Choose from 100s of titles. 

Each Session is valued @ $19.95. 

That means you're receiving $39.90 worth of valuable wisdom per month. When you share this extra-special (available only now) opportunity with 4 family members or friends... it means you're receiving $199.50 per month - for a tiny faction of that! That's a benefit worth $2,394 per year.

An absolutely astonishingly decent return on investment!  That's JUST part of the subscription. 

Enticing & beneficial range of Sessions from

high calibre contributors

Enjoy High-Quality Content From Authors Such As:

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
by Kristine Carlson

The Success Principles
by Jack Canfield

The Happiness Advantage
by Shawn Achor

My Best Life Ever!
by David Avocado Wolfe

It's Good To Be Good
by Prof. Stephen G. Post

I Am Enough
by Marisa Peers

Discover Resources Within
by Paul Scheele

Law of Attraction
by Joe Vitale



What's much more worthwhile is the ability to Personalise. 

You collection of private photos & mantras will appear randomly & are integrated to super-charge the Sessions. 

You'll have functionality within the platform to upload photos of your goals, best memories, family members and so much more. 

This is VITAL for manifestation and also for neuroplasticity. 

It's ESSENTIAL to completely break-through old limiting beliefs & create new, improved patterns! 

""Editing is priceless. 

Prices program

See What Other Benefits You will Enjoy with Positive Prime Signature Progam! Some people even think it’s magic!

Together, we will go through a powerful collection of bite-sized e-lessons, online masterclasses, ebooks, and face-to-face meetings is the most celebrated, complete program ever shared. It shows you what you need to do to achieve more on your own terms. It’s immensely practical and perfect for busy people.

Complimentary Pass to the Positive Prime Celebration

A unique mini-party that will be both playful & educational. (Valued at $50)