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Explore your Human Design and discover who you truly are

Experience a remarkable one on one consultation with the Human Design Expert Dr Burry Foss

Silent Worship and Meditation

As I'm sure you agree... at various stages throughout our lives, we're plagued with:

  • Who Am I?

  • Why Am I Here?

  • What am I REALLY supposed to do with MY life ?!?!?!?!

Sure, most of us KNOW deep in our hearts & in the depths of our minds... that, BEING IN SERVCE / OF SERVICE and contributing on a grand scale to others' lives... positively... passionately... IS how we end up feeling satisfied, fulfilled... that what we do is MEANINGFUL... We all deserve to pursue activities that allow us to FOLLOW OUR BLISS.

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Many people are familiar with Astrology and some use it to guide their thoughts and actions depending on their birth "sign". Human Design takes this concept to a much deeper, personal and intricate level. Using your exact birth location, date and time, your Human Design chart and personal reading can allow you to accurately know who you really are by the genetic imprint made on your 'self' at that very moment. This allows you and those around you to make more informed choices for the "now" and the future by knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your Design Type. As this is hard-wired into your genetics, there is no need for daily checking of the horoscopes because you know what your Human Design is, allowing you to make better and more advantageous choices.

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