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What is Lithos Therapy™?

A blissful, sensory journey that delights. Lithos Therapy™ uses heated and chilled marble sculptures as therapeutic instruments to enhance and prolong the benefits of health and beauty treatments for the body, face, hands and feet.

What's Unique about Lithos Rocks?

Each rock sculpture is an instrument made of marble. Hand crafted and highly polished to suit individual muscles and areas of the body; each piece feels silky smooth and glides effortlessly. Lithos Therapy™ uses the very best rocks for absorbing, retaining and releasing contrasting temperatures.

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Why experience Lithos Therapy™?

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It's Healing

The application of heated and chilled rock sculptures stimulates your circulation,encouraging the flow of blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients which accelerates healing.

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It's Cleansing

The gentle weight of each rock combined with massage, pushes toxins out of the muscles and into the lymphatic system to assist in eliminating metabolic waste.

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It's Preventive

Lithos treatments improve the integrity of soft tissue (muscles, tendons, and ligaments) reducing the likelihood of injury. Lithos helps to increase the elasticity of collagen fibres in tendons, promoting greater flexibility.

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It's Beneficial

Lithos rock instruments open your pores encouraging the release of toxins and the penetration of active ingredients. The chilled rock instruments calm the skin by reducing redness.

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What will help Lithos Therapy™ relieve?


  • Painful joints or muscles - mental or physical fatigue - depression or mood swings

  • Fluid retention - arthritic symptoms - stress or anxiety - insomnia - digestive problems - jet lag - lethargy - headaches - sunburn


  • Acne - psoriasis - coupe rose - rosacea - puffy eyes - premature ageing

Enjoy Lithos Therapy at Serafini Mind Spa Retreats!

Treat yourself to this blissful, sensory journey that delights. Lithos Therapy is available on all Serafini Mind Spa Retreat Programs. 

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