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A fusion experience is the best description for this program; with a perfect name that aligns with it: Blissing Out in Bali at Serafini Mind Spa.

It's not merely a boutique holiday experience, nor is it a Bootcamp for your brain & body. Detox, diets and dry arguments are NOT on our agenda. It certainly isn't a yoga or meditation retreat! We are passionate and purposeful about being SO MUCH MORE... YES, there are private yoga classes. YES, your brain & body will be delighted with the opportunity for pure rejuvenating treatments that also feel like spiritual experiences.

Nurturing and nourishing your body are HIGH on the priority list. Indulging your senses on a journey for your spirit and connecting with the Unified Field, thus allowing your spirit the time and space to soar is our main objective.

This week in Bali is not a "long and boring personal development seminar". Expanding your mind and awakening to your abundance is our desire. You will be learning more and discussing in depth a collection of the most outstanding principles and practices from the various fields of study and disciplines: You will be learning more and discussing in depth a collection of the most outstanding principles and practices from the field of Human Potential.

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Our personalised program will leave you feeling:

  • simply the best; aligned with your authentic, natural, divine self

  • your spirit soaring; your heart-felt desires starting to manifest magically

  • balanced - both serene and excited about your future

  • confident about embracing the new you - as a manifesting magnet.

During this incredible week, we will listen, share, teach, facilitate, guide and cheer - going to any length and doing whatever is necessary to provide the grounded-understanding you need to unlock some of the most secret of the Universal Laws. You will have insights that lead to feeling more light-hearted, loving, joyful, abundant, prosperous and healthy.

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Enjoy sumptuous surroundings,
special service, exceptional coaching experiences, heart-opening spiritual sessions, and a range of activities so that you can indulge in the best of what Bali offers to discerning adventurers.

Our intention is to LOOK after you, so that you can better serve, contribute, play and work with those people in your life who are important to you

As we're sure you understand, giving yourself "oxygen" first (as in the airplane mask analogy) - will put you in a much better position for being the best role-model possible for your family, friends and colleagues. We believe it is easier to take care of others, and pursue your dreams, WHEN you are able to put yourself first for a little while, looking after NUMBER ONE. You are worthy of being pampered and allowing yourself the headspace to learn new principles, strategies and rituals in our cocoon of care.

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