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Loving it All: Flourishing & Thriving Being Well, Mentally Emotionally, Physically, Environmentally & Socially

Healthy brains & bodies. Healthy relationships. Healthy home & community

We invite you to venture within if any of this appeals..

Yoga Pose

Vibrant health

Female Developers

Deeply meaningful work that feels uplifting & like you’re living your true purpose

Senior couple hugging

Soul-satisfying, richly-rewarding relationships

Hammock Relaxing

Exploring the world, travelling in style

Holding Hands

Helping & supporting others generously

Wine & Painting Night

Expressing yourself creatively & producing masterpieces

Here are the topics we are going to cover on this program

Program Details

Week 1

1. Feelings & Thoughts

Learn about how our emotions and our attitudes impact our bodies' abilities to heal, repair & generate energy. Our mindsets create chemical cocktails in our bodies and we can control whether that's empowering or not.

2. We'll cover some interesting studies & strategies relating to:



Pro-Social Behaviour

Emotional Contagion


Learning & Memories

Week 2

Hydration & Sleep

Learn about the dangerous differences in types of water and other ways to ensure our brains are bodies are well hydrated.

Learn about the most important ways to promote restorative sleep. 

Week 3

Nutrition and Exercise

We will examine physical movement and foods that are nutrient-dense and help us to create beneficial hormones, battle insulin resistance & reduce the harmful effects of the inflammatory processes that wreak havoc in our brains & bodies.

Week 4

Allied, Complimentary & Alternative Philosophies,  Approaches & Activities

There are so many supportive lifestyle habits we can integrate into our wonderful life. We will explore aromatherapy, spa treatments, and retreat activities.

Week 5

RAKs, Vision Boards & Gratitude Journals

We will discuss the importance of vision boards and keeping a gratitude journal. Learn how performing RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) helps our society become more healthy and joyful.

All Noosa Springs Members will be gifted 1 year's Premium Membership for PositivePrime valued at US$120 (the equivalent of approximately $175 Australian dollars). This is non-transferable and cannot be substituted for any other Serafini Mind Spa Services. 


Classes starts on:

Wednesday 11:30am - 12:30pm
Starting 6 November -- Finishing 4 December 2020

Classes will be 1 hour. Each class will include a mindfulness meditation & a guided brain training exercise. 

Spaces are limited. Enrolments are necessary.
Deadline for registration & payment is

Monday, 4th November 2019. 

Prices For Members

Individual class for Members


All 5 class for Members


Save $51!

(paid upfront & in full)

Prices For Non - Members

Individual class for Non-Members


All 5 class for


(paid upfront & in full)

Save $96!

Prices program

Kim Serafini is a Positive Prime Therapist & Executive Coach who teaches all over the world. Noosa is her home. This is a special chance for you to gain access to Kim in our precious part of the world. She is considered one of the world's leaders in this arena having secured amazing opportunities with the Oprah Winfrey Network & the likes… We’re sure she’ll share more about her life’s story, credentials & the highlights of success for her clients at the seminar. 

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