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What's Included?

Little Luxuries: gift bag of goodies
6 nights' accommodation in an air-conditioned, private oasis with beautiful ensuite bathroom

(cleaning daily) (additional charges: laundry) *Arriving on Monday morning.
Delicious & nutritious meals and soft-beverages (2 times a day, at home and out)
(please note: alcoholic beverages are not included)
3 Hours Intensive Coaching with Kim
- A beautiful blend of group conversations and one-on-one sessions.
1 x Gratitude Ritual with Kim
1 x Journalling session with Kim
1 x 90 mins Human Design Consultation
3 x magical morning movement classes involving gentle exercise, yoga, breath-work and mind entrainment
3 x sensory indulgences - (an exotic mix of reflexology, massage and beauty treatments)
1 x energy clearing and spiritual healing session
1 x Afternoon Excursion, Exploring the Exotic (personal transport)
Time-Outs for Personal Reflection (reading, nothing-ness, lounging around, pool dipping)
1 x Cocktail and Dinner Event (in a hip & happening place)
Full Access to the Special Positive Priming Tool

Marvellous Maintenance Mentoring for 1 year. Once a month, small group online sessions with Kim Serafini  and a highly regarded  select few of our Positive Prime esteemed Certified Masters/ Authorised Consultants  to help keep you on track and continue to anchor in the continuing changes (for a limited number of "Early Birds")

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