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CEO and Founder of Positive Prime

Kim Serafini is a CEO, health & edu-tech company founder, much-loved executive coach & business advisor, international entrepreneur, inventor of Lithos Therapy, bestselling author, world-class keynote speaker, angel investor, Principal Positive Prime Consultant, and most importantly the creator of Positive Prime.

Kim’s experiences in international corporate management consulting in the field of leadership, culture, and change, plus her private coaching has led her down this path. A remarkable ability to engage with the world’s top executives, sporting and entertainment stars and her passion for helping people improve their lives makes her client list read like the who’s who.

Kim Serafini Coaching

Kim as Your Adviser, Guide, Coach,
Mentor & Healer

 The Kim's Coaching Session Program is for anyone who wants BETTER personal and professional results. Many coaching programs offer theory, but fall short in practical applications. Kim’s approach marries the theory behind our reluctance to change (to think, and take actions, that deliver better results) with action - right here, right now, before you’re ready, but with guidance and a non-judgmental appraisal of what works and what doesn’t.

Why work with Kim?

  • A coaching program forces you to schedule time to work on your goals.

  • An hour at a time to focus on you, your problems, your opportunities and your future.

  • Having a savvy business person who has your very best interests at heart gives needed fresh perspectives from someone whose input is relevant to your needs.

  • Creating a history of working together allows Kim to see beneficial and self-defeating patterns, to reinforce what works, and to be held accountable so that you don’t slip back into your old ways.

  • Kim is a paid advisor and so she will not hesitate to hold you accountable. She will call you out, and she will encourage you. She is passionate about helping you to succeed, and approaches your unique situation with honesty and integrity, and helps you cultivate discipline and beneficial habits.

Coaching with Ki
  • A safe place with no judgment; you can be brutally honest with Kim, because there is no judgment, only compassion. Kim will help you work through your challenges with grace.

  • Best resources: Kim is committed to helping you with recommendations to other professionals who can assist you in the best way possible.

“If you want to be truly successful invest in yourself to get the knowledge you need to find your unique factor.
When you find it and focus on it and persevere

your success will blossom.”

~ Sydney Madwed

NOW is the time to say YES to your dreams!

NOW is the time to say YES to a fresh, proven and practical approach!

Kim is committed to helping you with recommendations to other professionals who can assist! 

Her Sessions range in "time / energy" depending upon what's intuitive, based upon her expertise & experience. 

Connections with Kim

Woman Working in Modern Office

1 on 1 Coaching Session

1 hour


Connection with kim

Meet Kim Serafini

Kim Serafini   Who Am I  What Do I Do

Kim Serafini Who Am I What Do I Do

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Her career and business pursuits have involved filming interviews with many of the world’s highest profile business leaders, acclaimed scientists and the most famous self-help gurus to confirm the right approaches, models, methods and techniques to employ towards personal and professional transformation. The synthesis of which is Positive Prime.

Devoted to helping others make significant, long-lasting, rapid & successful changes she is committed to continuing innovating and leading with advanced technologies.

Kim is intensely curious, loves learning and is driven to help us all harness the innate potency of our minds. She has researched, studied & investigated how our perceptions, experiences, knowledge and brain function influences our thoughts, behaviors, habits, and results. Given how instrumental our minds are, she is even more focused on how to influence our mind (this marvelous, magnificent & now-not-so-mysterious aspect of ourselves) given the advances and understanding from the field of neuroscience.

Kim is an insightful, motivational leader whose passionate commitment to the wellbeing of her clients ignites people to raise their level of performance to unprecedented levels, with outstanding results. She is a mindset expert and a sought-after speaker at conferences and seminars. Top organizations work with Kim to cultivate positive workplace cultures, emotionally intelligent leaders and high performing teams.

Approachable, distinctly insightful, warm and willing to serve, Kim is available for a simple coaching session, advisory & consulting work as one of the world’s leaders in the Science of Positive Priming, keynote addresses, training workshops, participating in research and forums with other thought leaders, self-help gurus, and international health or edu-tech company founders.

Kim has lived and worked in over 5 regions of the world including the UK, Europe, USA, Australia & Asia. She has enthusiastically visited 22 countries and many U.S. states. She LOVES traveling, exploring new cultures and ideas while affectionately sharing her philosophy of positivity… living up to her title of The Queen of Gratitude.


Kim has been interviewed and featured frequently magazines and newspapers. Here are few glimpses of the same:

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Kim Serafini media
Gratitude Goddess
Queen of Gratitude
i am gr8ful for you
i am gr8ful for life